SwipeTrack Leasing

This is an exciting new end-user leasing program designed exclusively for the IT channel that enables our reseller partners to drive both increased sales and profitability, as well as entanglement and customer loyalty, by leveraging the expertise of Advantage Leasing -- a highly successful channel leasing company that has assisted thousands of resellers reach their sales goals. Established in 1992, Advantage is a direct lender that understands business financing. Let us help your company with our excellent service, competitive rates and unusual flexibility.

Advantage will finance 100% of your equipment and most soft costs. We take a common sense approach to understand each customer's individual financing needs; most transactions develop into long-term relationships.

We Retain Our Portfolio
Advantage is one of the few direct lenders that retain all of our leases in our own portfolio. This means we can structure each lease to meet your needs; combine equipment from multiple vendors; offer seasonal payment plans; finance 100% of new or used equipment; and even finance soft costs.

We Offer A Custom Approach
Most lenders try to computerize all aspects of customer contact. We too use state of the art systems but we also learn about your business and your needs to tailor a custom approach that's right for you.

We Too Are A Small Business
We believe small business is what "makes the economy go." And our goal is to help small businesses grow and succeed.

For more information, e-mail or call (888) 855-5024.