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Becoming a SwipeTrack reseller partner is your first step to success!

The process is simple, but thorough. You may contact our reseller sales & support team at any time for assistance - (888) 855-5024 x 6.

Once submitted, an email is sent to the SwipeTrack reseller team, and the Multi-Jurisdiction Resale Certificate is displayed in a new window; if credit terms were requested, you will also see a Credit Card Authorization form.

The Multi-Jurisdiction Form and any other printed forms should be completed and e-mailed to

SwipeTrack will set up your account and payment/credit terms, assign a sales representative, and, if needed, request any additional information.

Finally, your sales rep will contact you to issue login information to give you access to our online resources and begin the purchasing process

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Your main contact will receive all order and shipment confirmations from the SwipeTrack Reseller Portal

To complete your application, please remember to print and sign the required documents on the next page and email them to If you are requesting credit card terms, please include a copy of the cardholder's driver's license.

By accepting below you represent that your business is a valid business entity and that you are an authorized representative of the business with authority to enter into contractual agreements. You hereby agree to the terms of sale listed on each SwipeTrack invoice and SwipeTrack's standard Terms and Conditions . Invoices and account statements will be provided by email to the designated contact. In case of a credit sale, you acknowledge that SwipeTrack will charge a finance fee of one and one-half percent per each thirty day period, or part thereof, for any invoice that is past due. You further acknowledge that SwipeTrack offset amounts due to SwipeTrack with any other amounts owed by you to SwipeTrack. In order to induce SwipeTrack to extend credit for the purchase of SwipeTrack's products ("Products") and for other good and valuable consideration, you hereby convey, grant and transfer to SwipeTrack a purchase money security interest in the Products and all proceeds until you perform all your obligations due to SwipeTrack. You agree to execute any financing statements that SwipeTrack may request in order to protect SwipeTrack's security interest and hereby authorize SwipeTrack to execute and irrevocably appoint SwipeTrack as your attorney in fact for the execution of such financing statements and for the exercise of its remedies as a secured party. On behalf of your business, you certify that all information provided in this Application is complete and accurate, and you authorize SwipeTrack to obtain information about you personally and your business from credit reporting agencies and other sources SwipeTrack deems appropriate in considering this Application and subsequently for purposes of updates, renewals, or extensions of credit granted as a result of this Application or in receiving or collecting the account. You agree that your transactions with SwipeTrack shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, without giving effect to its conflicts of laws principals. You further agree that any lawsuit between SwipeTrack and yourselves shall be brought only in the state or federal courts of Bexar county in San Antonio, Texas. You hereby submit to the jurisdiction of such courts in any dispute with SwipeTrack and you waive any objections to venue being in such courts. You hereby agree to pay all costs of collection including reasonable attorneys' fees.